Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Things are Waking Up!!

It doesn't seem like we've had much winter this year, which is a bummer as the cold weather is needed for some seeds, but it also helps kill off some of the pests. We've also had a dry winter which will affect the amount of wildflowers we have bloom later on the spring.

Things are beginning to pop up around here, though, which is always so exciting. I didn't do much to my beds before the cold weather set in, so it'll be interesting to see what survived the winter. I haven't taken any pics recently, but here are some from late January.

The poppies are starting to come up.

My dormant daylilies are starting to pop up with nice adult-looking leaves.

Out in the front flower bed, the Autumn Joy Sedum is starting to show its little rosettes of new growth.

The Four-Nerve Daisy has been strutting its stuff all winter long!!

The Columbines are putting off lots of new growth and greening up.

The plants I left outside over the winter, crammed up against our sunroom wall, have all survived and are now putting out new growth.

Lastly, almost all of the small plants I overwintered in my sunroom have survived!

Columbine seedlings. Some have been destroyed by spider mites. :(

My frostweed is coming back!! I'm really excited about this!

Various small seedlings and plants leftover from last year's fall round up.