Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Lettuce Bed, Cole Crop, & Garlic

Sometime in the fall, I planted several different types of lettuce seeds, a couple of cabbage seeds, and some spinach seeds. I had gotten 2 varieties of lettuce at a plant swap and the rest I ordered from either Cherry Gal or Victory Seed Company . They survived being transplanted and they've survived freezing temps and snow. It's done very well for us and now we're thinking of letting one plant of each variety go to seed. It's wonderful to have fresh lettuce during the winter months. As a matter of fact, I need to harvest some for tonight's dinner.

Endive (foreground) & Parris Island Cos


Red Rapids

Grandpa Admire's

Bronze Lettuce

Black Seeded Simpson

Craquerelle DuMidi

Kentucky Limestone

Lollo Rosso


January King Cabbage

Monnopa Spinach


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Final Haul

We woke to SNOW this morning in my little part of North Texas. What a huge surprise!! It didn't stay for long, thank goodness. The snow was pretty much melted by noon and the streets and rooftops dried up by nightfall.

It didn't get down to freezing so all the veggies still out on the plants were okay, but when we watched the late news this evening, the forecast was "at or below freezing temps" for tonight, so DH and I donned our winter coats, picking baskets, hand held pruners, flashlights, and headed out the door. In the dark. To harvest the rest of the maters and peppers. This is what we came back with.

Most of the maters we picked aren't ripe. There's a couple of yellow tomatoes in the pile, some Green Zebras, and some regular red tomatoes, either Ponderosa or something else. We'll have maters on every windowsill in our house!

So long, garden of 2009! Hello garden of 2010 starting January 1st!