Monday, December 31, 2012

Dusting off the Blog and Getting Ready for 2013

The 2012 growing season was productive, but a total bust on blogging.  This year, I'm thinking of doing a weekly post and some special posts when I get to it.  That's my plan now; we'll see how it works out!

In preparation for the 2013 gardening season, I've spent a lot of time online this past week placing orders for seeds and starts.  The potatoes and onions go into the ground around Valentine's Day and I've got to get the tomatoes and peppers going soon so they'll be ready to plant out by late March.

This is what I've ordered for the spring, in addition to some seeds I purchased in the fall that never made it into the garden.   I also have some seeds I've saved from last summer's veggies.

Dixondale Farms
Short Day Sampler (1 bunch of 1015, Texas Early White, and Red Creole mixed together)
Texas Legend (1 bunch)

Sustainable Seeds
Tomato--Large Red Cherry
Pepper--Orange King Bell Pepper
Triple Curled Parsley (for the herb garden/butterflies)

Baker Creed Heirloom Seeds
Pepper--Red Bullnose (sweet)
Tomato--Pantamo Romanesco (first time for us)
Watermelon--Royal Golden (new for us)
Herbs--Borage, Stevia, and Flat Leaf Parsley
Flowers--Button Box zinnias, Pink Sunday Sage (Salvia), Persian Carpet zinnias

Victory Seeds
Cantaloupe--Honey Rock
Tomato--Homestead 24, Rutgers, Beefsteak
Tomatillo--Morado (purple)
Cukes--Ashley, National Pickling, and Muncher

Potato Garden
Purple Majesty (2 lbs)
Yukon Gold (5 lbs)

I'll also be growing carrots, radishes, okra, bush beans, peas, black-eyed peas (cowpeas), and lettuce. 

Garlic on Christmas Day in the snow