Sunday, March 3, 2013

Where We Are

As expected, February was a wild ride weather-wise.  We have had several cold days and lots of freezing temps.  Great for the garden, but bad for me when I've got spring fever.  The tomatoes are growing like weeds, I tell ya!  I need to start taking them on field trips during the day so they can begin hardening off.  I'll be ready to get these guys in the ground in about 2 weeks.

The picture above was taken on 2/24/13.  They have grown several more inches since then and are about 18" tall with thick, hairy stems.  Four days later, I walked into their room and found this:

This little Pantano Romanesco mater is getting a bit anxious for spring!  I clipped off the bloom so the plant would spend its energy making leaves and such rather than on trying to produce tomatoes.  This morning, I noticed some buds on one of the Large Red Cherry plants.  I have been watering them from the bottom every other day and weekly with water and fish & seaweed combination.  They love that fish and seaweed!  It smells up my house for the whole day, but if it makes the maters happy, that's okay by me.

The pepper seeds never sprouted, so I've got to replant those.  I've had horrible results trying to sow peppers the past 2 years!  What is up with that?!?

Meanwhile, out in the sunroom where we have all of the planters from outside stored for the winter...

My aloe vera has a flower stalk on it!!!  Unbelievable!  This thing is overcrowded to the point of sadness and it only gets watered (inside) about once every 3 weeks.  Guess it's happy because it's going to make me a flower.  I just hope it's not some really bad smelling thing!

Lastly, the onions did get put in the 2nd week of February.  It was actually nice, just before the freeze settled in.  They're doing great and came through all the dreary, cold weather just fine.  (I need to snap a pic of them since you can actually SEE them now!  LOL)

Coming up soon, I need to get my carrots started and I still need to put my potatoes in the ground.