Saturday, June 27, 2009

It's Hot!

We've had temps in the low 100s for the past 4 days. Today's high was 105º and now at almost 10pm, it's "only" 93º. The garden is suffering and our water bill is getting higher. We've had to water just about every other day or so.

The jalapenos are loving it, though! Go figure! LOL However, DH did some work in the bed near the jalapeno plant and I think that he must've gotten too close to the roots. The plant hasn't died by far, but it wilts very, very quickly and comes back to life when the hot sun cools off. Still producing, though, so I think it'll eventually be okay. We're trying to devise some kind of shade cover for it. The bell peppers also need some kind of shade. On a good note, the bell peppers are starting to ripen. That's been fun to watch!

The melons and cantaloupes are absolutely loving the heat! The cantaloupe vines are taking over the yard near their bed and really producing lots of little boy and girl flowers. We have at least 2 cantaloupes that I've found. One is a Hale's Best Jumbo and one's an Israeli cantaloupe. Never had an Israeli cantaloupe, so it'll be interesting to taste it.

Hale's Best Jumbo baby (Isn't it cute?)

Israeli Cantaloupe

The Sugar Baby watermelons are also loving this weather. I've learned that watermelons are a desert plant, so they don't really need a lot of water. A couple of weeks prior to harvest, withhold watering them excessively to sweeten them up. We've not been watering them very often, so they should be pretty sweet! LOL Here's the latest pic of the "Three Muskateers" as I've been calling them. They're about the size of bowling balls.

Our first pole bean, finally.

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