Thursday, July 16, 2009

Today's Harvest & Time to Plant!

A Sugar Baby watermelon (that may or may not be completely ripe), some Park's Whopper tomatoes, a Ponderosa Pink tomato, some cherry tomatoes, and more okra. We're going to have fried okra tonight and I'm thinking of making a BLT sandwich and using one of those tomatoes, too!!

I'm trying to gear up for the fall garden. I'll tell ya', it's hard to think about anything outside when it's 103ยบ (or hotter) outside! However, now is the time to start planting if you live in north Texas and want a fall garden. Here's what you need to be planting now and in the coming weeks:

Southern Peas...July 1-August 1
Hot Peppers...July 1-July 25
Bell Peppers...July 1-July 25
Potatoes...July 25-August 10
Pumpkins (small)...July 15-August 15

I planted my Sugar Sweet pumpkins yesterday, July 15th, outside in one of the beds in hills. I put 5 seeds per hill, watered with some fertilizer (John's Recipe) and then lightly covered the hills with mulch. I also put mulch, LOTS of mulch, around the base of the hills. The seeds should germinate in 6 or so days. We'll see! Maybe the cooler temps will help keep them alive.

I've got some bell pepper seeds to plant. We're getting a second setting of fruit on the plants we planted in April, so I'm not sowing too many seeds.

I'd like to grow some red potatoes in a garbage can or pile, but I've got to see if I can find some starts. Not exactly sure where to look, so I'll call around and see what I can find.

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