Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Potato Update

We have survived more freezing temps and SNOW, a foot of the white stuff, and it's time to get busy planting the taters. However, the Handy Husband promised to make me a couple more potato planters. It's only happening in my imagination..... Soooooo, the taters are hanging out on top of my hutch in the kitchen. I moved them to cardboard egg cartons so they could get more air circulation. I took them down today to check on them and this is what they looked like.

The Purple Vikings (right) and Red Norlands (on the left)

The Banana Fingerlings (in the background) and the Kennebecs (foreground)

Green growth is good!

Twins on the Purple Vikings

I hope to get them cut in the next day or so and in their containers by the weekend. I must motivate the husband first, though.

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