Monday, March 15, 2010

Things are Moving Along!

Spring is such a fun time in the garden. It's a time of renewal and hope. Things that have been laying dormant for the winter are coming back to life and new things are starting to sprout.

Yesterday, we planted a row and a half of peas (snap peas). We're trying "Wando" peas this year. Wandos are an OP and heirloom variety of peas that seem to be more adapted to our area. They take the cooler temps better and also can stand up to some of the warmer temps we get in late spring as well. In between the rows of peas, I planted some dill, leftover from last year's winter sowing! LOL

The white forks mark the rows, btw. The dill plants are those frilly green things you can barely see. The trellis is invisible. Actually, it's leaning up against the storage shed in the backyard. DH has yest to put it up.

Anyhoo, we planted 2 peas per hole, 3" apart. I plopped the seeds down and the DH followed behind me and buried them. He was like a little boy playing in the dirt, complete with sound effects!

After we did the peas, I ventured to the far back flower bed to clean it up, weed, and find a spot to plant my sweet peas. Many of the plants I planted out there last year survived and are in the process of rejuvenating. The (dis)Obedient plant multiplied like a rabbit! I started with 2 little plants and I now have this blanket of plants, which will look pretty when they bloom, but sheesh! I didn't need THIS many!

I have decided to trade some away and to plant some in the little strip o' flower bed under the kitchen window and possibly along the side driveway. We'll see how that goes!

My Passalong Pink lily. I really hope this thing blooms this year! I've had it for 3 years now and it's not bloomed yet. :>(

You may have to click the pic to see this one, but I am just beyond excited that this Frostweed is coming back. It has one very little, teeny tiny green leaf on it! Just color me happy!

This is my Cowpen Daisy. I love this plant and I'm so glad it's coming back!

Houston! We have taters sprouting!! Yesterday, I discovered my first taters peeking through the dirt in one of the planters. I *think* it was the Red Norlands, but I could be wrong. If I remember correctly, we planted about 6 seed taters in the box and I've already seen 4 sprouts, but there's one more coming up. Today, when I went to check on things after I got home from work, I found sprouts in all the other tater containers as well!! Boing! Boing! (That would be me bouncing up and down with happiness and excitement.)


Here's one just starting to break the surface and poke it's little bud out!

Lastly, the lettuce bed, which also contains a few spinach plants and a cabbage, is flourishing in the warmer temps and spring rains.

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