Thursday, January 17, 2013


The first seedling has sprouted!  It took about 4 days.  I planted these late on Sunday afternoon and have my first sprout this afternoon.  There are several more seeds getting ready to pop.  When I checked on the seedlings around lunchtime today, I noticed several with their necks poking out, so we should be ready to move them to the light station in a day or so. 

As I've monitored the cups, I noticed that they tended to dry out faster than when I'd started seeds previously.  I did two things.  First, I lowered the lid so that there was a smaller opening between the lid and the top of the roaster.  Secondly, I watered twice or three times a day with WARM water.  I don't use really hot water, but it should be good and warm.  I have a 1 liter soda bottle that I use.  The lid has pin holes in the top so it acts as a watering can and comes out in a gentle stream.  I've also been using a moisture meter to test the soil and a thermometer to monitor the soil temp.

Also waiting in the wings are the seed potatoes.  This year, I have Purple Majesty (purple skin and purple flesh), Yukon Gold (white), and Red Lasota potatoes.  I've had them on a shelf in my kitchen pre-sprouting.  They're doing great!  My plant out date is Feb. 14th, so they still have a few weeks to wait and grow.  The Red Lasotas haven't sprouted fully yet, but they do have a lot of eyes forming and I can see several spout wannabes on them.  I also have some pretty red-almost burgundy skinned potatoes that my husband picked up at Sprout's a month or so ago that have been growing since we've not used them.  I'm thinking they'll get planted as well. 

While the potatoes are waiting and the first batch of seeds are growing under the lights, I'll start the last of the tomato seeds and start the first batch of tomatillos and peppers.

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