Thursday, May 24, 2007

Lots of "Firsts" to Share

As the season progresses, things continue to grow and flower. It's so exciting to see my plants from last year shape up and then flower!

Here are the first blooms on some volunteer French Hollyhocks I transplanted to the side of our driveway.

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These are doing well in their new home also. I actually transplanted 3, but 2 are crowding out the 1 planted in between them, so I might pull out the 3rd plant and just let the 2 have the space.

Here's the first bloom on the Tall Mexican Petunia (ruellia) volunteers I planted.

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These are along the driveway where they get the hot west sun late in the day, so I'm hoping they'll thrive and flourish there.

First buds on some of the assorted daylilies I planted. I can't wait for these to open so I can see what color they are!

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Then finally, the mystery plant from the backyard has turned out to be a daylily!! I have about 5 of these and this one finally put out a bloom! We've lived here for 3 years and have never seen these things bloom. These plants came with the house. I was beginning to think it was some kind of grass. LOL

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I'm thinking this didn't open all the way because it was being crowded out by the powdery mildew infested crape myrtle growing above it. It also may have been because we've been having some very overcast days this past week.

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