Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What are all Those Plants--Part I

Old Man Winter finally left after yesterday morning's almost freeze, so I once again pulled all the plants out of the sunroom into the gorgeous sunshine and fresh air. I had to sort out the plants that need shade, the ones that are still wee little seedlings that need all kinds of protection, and the sun loving plants. As I was sorting and cataloging what I had and who I received it from, I snapped a few pics to share. I am starting a spreadsheet with the names of the plants & seeds I've received in trades and swaps so that I can give proper credit to that person when the plant reaches maturity and blooms.

Everything in this pic loves shade. Most of these will go in the front flower bed among the Texas Gold Columbines already there. Toad lilies on the left in the aluminum pan, Tricyrtis lasiocarpa, and Alternanera on the right. I think the alternanthera is going to go in the back yard by my back door, or over on the side of the house that gets all shade. I haven't decided yet and I've had that plant since last fall!

This is another shade loving plant, Lyreleaf Sage. It's a native plant, so it should do well in our almost drought like conditions with little supplemental water. It's also going outside my back door.

Bulbine is a sun loving succulent. I'm torn on whether or not to plant in the ground or put in a pot. These little ones were a test to see how winter hardy this plant is in our region. The purple or brown looking leaves are some frost burn, but they've already started coming back to their normal rich green color. They put off beautiful orangey-yellow flowers.

This is an unknown salvia that will bloom with red flowers. After it blooms, I'll have to find an ID for it. The person who brought it to the swap had tons of these! I think everyone went home with one!

This is Hillary's Sweet Lemon Mint. I'm sure that like all mints, it needs to be contained so that it doesn't take over the universe. It has a delightful smell and unique leaves for a mint.

In this little grouping, we have in the back L-R, Zexmenia, a lovely little daisy-like flowering bush that puts out sweet little golden yellow flowers that look like small sunflowers or daisies. I got one last fall at the RU, but it didn't survive the winter. Also back there are some tomato plants that my DH scored for us. I have no idea what variety they are or if they are heirlooms or not. In the front, we have Red Firespike, that unknown salvia, Pineapple mint, and the Hillary's Sweet Lemon Mint.

That will do it for this post as I've got to get ready for a couple of appointments and I have a cat begging for a bit of attention (like she never gets any attention!) and is walking all over the keyboard as I'm trying to type. Until next time!!


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