Friday, May 15, 2009


One of the most beneficial aspects of gardening is hope. When you plant seeds or young transplants there's such hope in the waiting and prospect of fully grown plants that produce lovely flowers or fruit. I love watching plants grow and mature. I love seeing the plant's first offerings of flowers or fruit. I love the anticipation of knowing at just the right time, the plant will send out its flower or fruit. When talking about vegetables, after the fruit has set on the plant, there's the joy of watching it grow daily and then reach maturity so it can be plucked and eaten. I traipse out every day and walk the gardens just to see what's going on, to look for damage, but also to check on how things are growing and maturing. I take pictures to document the journey so I can remind myself how far we've come. Watching things grow brings such a sense of satisfaction for me, such joy, and such fulfillment. Take this for example:

This was Wednesday:

This was Thursday:


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