Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lift Off!!

With all the crazy weather we've had in the past couple of weeks, I thought the garden was doomed. However, I've harvested my first crop...radishes! These are 'Cherry Belle' radishes. If I'm not mistaken, these are open pollinated, meaning I can let a couple go to seed, save them, then plant them in the fall and these will come true to the parent. Seeds of hybrids don't always come true to the parent.

This past week, I also discovered that crops such as squash, cucumbers, and melons often need to be hand pollinated. So, I've been helping the boys out early in the mornings. ;) I think it's worked! This is what I found on my journey through the gardens this morning.

Sugar Baby Watermelon

This one's hanging over the side of the bed and will most likely need to be supported in some way. I'm thinking either some netting or pantyhose.

Right at the edge, near the end of the bed. This will be fun to watch grow, too!

Straight Eight cucumber

It's so tiny and prickly!!

Straight Neck yellow squash

This pretty baby is about 4" long already. I think it grew to that length overnight.

There's lots of blooms on my pepper plants. The okra has buds on it. The strawberry plant is even putting out flowers again! The beans are growing, but some are covered in aphids. Ugh! The maters continue to flower and some are starting to set fruit.

The cantaloupe have taken root and are starting to spread. This one is an Israel cantaloupe. I'm also growing Hale's Best Jumbo.

I planted my Moon & Stars watermelon seedlings last week. They've taken hold in the bean bed. This is an old Amish variety of watermelon that supposedly has a dark skin with yellow 'spots', hence the name Moon & Stars.

The herbs are doing well, too.

The basil has really taken off. It's flowered, but I've been cutting off the flowerheads to promote more leaves. I might move this out by the veggie beds to invite the bees. Thyme has established and is starting to spread. My aloe vera has come back from the dead, after I almost killed it by overwatering it. I stuck it in this pot, then didn't water it. When it was supposed to rain, I put it under our carport. Now it's looking good! Today, I also planted some pineapple mint and regular containers!! LOL

On the flower front, San Antonio Firecracker is still crankin' out the beautiful flowers. (Click the pic to see the collage larger.)

It does throw up an ugly bloom once in a great while.

Lastly, Pure & Simple bloomed for the first time for me yesterday. Isn't she purdy?

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