Sunday, May 24, 2009

Today's Garden Stroll

It was a bit overcast this morning when I first went out to the gardens, so it was quite pleasant. The recent steady warm temps have really helped everything take off.

Red California Wonder pepper (sweet)

Baby yellow peppers (sweet). These plants are smaller than the red peppers. Interesting!

Yellow squash

Watermelon flower (male)

Cantaloupe flower (male)

Burpless cucumber (again...male flower)

Pole beans going crazy.

New trellis system for the pole beans, designed by the Handy Man himself!

Buds on my bush beans. Exciting!

Almost ripe Christa Merced tomato

The Sugar Baby watermelon baby is still about the size of a softball, but it's turned a deeper shade of green this week.

Another yellow straight neck squash

More strawberries!!

In the next post, we'll stroll through the flower beds. Lots of pretties showing off! :)

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