Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blooming Today 05.20.09 & Vegetable Garden Update

May is a great beginning time for most of the blooms in my garden. I really need to work on some earlier blooming flowers to keep things interesting earlier in the season. Here's a few from my jaunt around the flower beds this morning.

Siloam Double Classic, a beautiful pink

Here she is from the side

Balloon Flower. I don't remember this many blooms on it last year, but I could be suffering from CRS.

Veronica "Sunny Border Blue"

Daylily 'Golden Girl'

Tall Coreopsis gone wild and floppy

Some kind of butterfly enjoying one of the coreopsis flowers

Onto the veggies!!

"The" Sugar Baby watermelon. Look how he's grown! Awwwww!!

Clemson Spineless okra~Haven't decided if this is a flower bud or an actual okra fruit. I know this plant flowers, but I've not seen one.

The maters...I just love the smell of tomato plants! (Except for yesterday when they smelled like sheep poop after I applied the fertilizer! LOL)

Moving onto the peppers (sweet). California Wonder (red)

Yellow straight-neck squash. Will be part of tonight's dinner.

Second flush of strawberries. Too bad I only have one plant!

Lastly, my lone little Straight Eight cucumber. He's looking a bit like a pickle already! LOL

Now then, I know that many of you are still waiting for ground to thaw so you can get plants in the ground, but I'm already thinking about planting my fall garden. Contrary to popular belief, Texas has two shorter growing seasons when it comes to vegetables, late winter - early summer and then late summer -early winter. I need to start my seeds in about 6 weeks or so if I'm going to have a good crop for the fall. Today I spent some time looking at seed catalogs online and this is what I ordered. I'll have enough for the fall and the early spring next year. All of these are heirloom vegetables or open pollinated vegetables, too.

Tomatoes (ordered with DH's help)~
Amish Paste
Blondkopfchen (yellow cherry)
Box Car Willie
Chalk's Early Jewel
Cherokee Purple
Cherrygal Cherry (we'll see if it reseeds itself down here!)
Eva's Purple Ball
Mortgage Lifter
Ponderosa Red
Sweet Pea
Black Cherry

Lettuces (again, ordered with DH's help)~
Parris Island
Black Seeded Simpson
Red Rapids
Craquerelle Du Midi
Grandpa Admire's
Lollo Rossa
Kentucky Limestone

White Wonder
Miniature White
Straight Eight

Carrots~Imperator 58, Little Fingers, James Scarlet, Danvers Half Long
Cabbage~January King
Peas~Tom Thumb
Radish~Early Scarlet Globe
Pumpkin~Small Sugar
Peppers (Sweet)~Mini Bells, Bullnose

We'll also plant some Alaska peas, bush beans (Blue Lake), pole beans (Kentucky Wonder), and Cherry Belle radishes.

Fun! Fun! Fun!

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