Friday, May 22, 2009

Last Minute Veggie Bed #5

In order to plant the tomatoes my husband purchased over the weekend, he had to construct another bed. We also planted an edible kale that was given to us at the plant swap we attended in April. Don't know anything about growing kale. Don't think I've ever eaten kale, but the husband wanted it so we have kale.

Here's our last minute veggie bed, full of heirloom maters and kale. Two of the tomato plants had been at the nursery so long that their stems were fragile (top heavy) and crooked. We planted them sideways to help them build a better root system and grow nice and strong. We simply cut off almost all of the leaves, dug a trench-like hole, sprinkled in some earthworm castings and tomato food, then laid the plant sideways in the hole and filled it back up with our dirt-compost-planting medium misture. You really can't see them in this picture, but they're there! I'll try to snap a pic of them today. We also planted the last of the tomato seedlings we had from when we did the first tomato planting. Some were too tiny to plant then, but we had one that was a wee little seedling in with one we were planting, so we separated them, stuck the baby in a 4" pot and have been nursing it along until it was big enough to plant.

I peeked out the window at them this morning and they're all still there. Definitely a good sign! We just need to mulch and then they'll be set for the season.

The pole beans in the small bed at the back of the yard (#4) have finally gotten tall enough to send out tendrils. They're ready to climb! The husband needs to get the trellis system in place for them soon, like today!

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